The story began on May 11, 1968, when, at the then simple shepherd, the Blessed Virgin Immaculate appeared in vision. The first was followed by others, following which Cosimo Fragomeni began a journey of faith and prayer punctuated by fasting, sacrifice and the spiritual guidance of the parish priest of the time Fr Rocco Gregorace. Soon the news of the event spread and began to reach the feet of the little Scoglio, pilgrims in search of peace and comfort. They came back, filled not only with what they had come to look for but often, even with spiritual and physical healings. The countless marble plaques bearing witness to the benefit received are testified by this.

In the niche excavated by the same brother Cosimo, on the rock of the apparition, was initially placed a statue of the Immaculate, and on May 11, 2000 a new white marble statue of Carrara, the work of local artists. Around Brother Cosimo a small community of lay people has come to realize that they are committed as volunteers, in the reception and hospitality of the many faithful who come here. Every Wednesday and Saturday, from the early afternoon (read hours of prayer meetings) at the church of the Madonna dello Scoglio, in Santa Domenica di Placanica, prayer meetings are held with Fratel Cosimo. On the same days he meets the people who have booked by telephone (read one of the following paragraphs "interviews with Fratel Cosimo

MGFF 2018

MGFF 2018

Paolo Genovese – president - Anna Foglietta, Marco Giallini, Valerio Mastrandrea, Rolando Ravello, Edoardo Leo, Vittoria Puccini

MGFF 2018

Best Actress, Producer, Director, First Jury Prize, Best Soundtrack

MGFF 2018

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MGFF 2018

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